Personal Touch Semi-Custom Font Solutions

Beyond custom fonts, we use font modifi­cation to adapt any font in our library to your precise requirements. It's budget-friendly.

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The cost structure for font modification is split into two main categories:

01. Labor

This encapsulates the studio hours invested in refining and transforming the font to meet your vision. The timeframe is malleable and can range from just a few dedicated hours to an extensive period spanning weeks, contingent upon the intricacy and demands of the project.

02. Licensing

Our modified fonts come from our library and aren't just regular designs. You license them instead of buying once. The price is similar to the original fonts, but we make it easy to upgrade. And if you need a lot of changes, we might give you a discount.

Case Studies

Engram Font Adaptation for Warsaw's Identity

Warsaw has introduced a new brand identity, which includes a modified version of the Engram font.