Ping Pong

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Ping Pong
A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
Sweet Pomeloa

Ping-Pong is a surface typeface originally designed by Elżbieta Krużyńska in 1974. The project was prepared in positive and negative variants, intended for the production of matrices for phototypesetting devices. The author used the help of photographer Zenon Renke, with whom, in the studio of the Research and Development Center for the Printing Industry, they attempted to rasterize letters of different sizes and with different line densities.

In 2020, Mateusz Machalski wanted to digitize and expand the entire project. Thanks to the help of professor Piotr Welk from the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, who created a processing program for vector rasters – the whole project became possible to implement. Then Mateusz Machalski and Małgorzata Bartosik started the final drawing of all glyphs and programming the font. In relation to the original design of Elżbieta Krużyńska, the raster has been adapted to be displayed on monitors, the character set has been expanded to support an extended latin set. The digitization process was also assisted by: Adam Twardoch, Michał Jarociński and Andrzej Tomasz.

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Ping Pong

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