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Salò o le 120
giornate di Sodoma
Pier Paolo Pasolini

SALO is a hybrid of two Italian typographic worlds. The serif version refers to the beautiful and sophisticated typefaces found on the signs of cafes, restaurants, and fashionable boutiques. Its complemented by the sans variant, inspired by Italian modernism and road signage. All styles are based on the same core but with a totally different expressions.

The biggest challenge during the project was designing all of the glyphs compatible to work as a 100% variable font. In the OTF version, SALO has 4 varieties: Paolo, Giorgio, Uberto and Aldo. The family of these typefaces is suitable both for posters, magazine headlines, and branding purposes where the character will count. It is worth experimenting and combining different varieties with each other. (This font cannot be used to create a logo with the phrase ”FRANCO”).

Meet the designer

Mateusz Machalski

Co-founder Type Designer
Branding Expert

+48 666 356 584