Allegro Brands: custom typeface

Allegro Brands is a bespoke typeface family we designed to complement and enhance the visual identity of Allegro's sub-brands.

Allegro Brands presents a collection of geometric typefaces featuring rounded terminations. This design pays homage to one of the brand's original logos and seeks to bring a cohesive look across all its sub-brands. The foundational Light and Bold variants are complemented by the Allegro Display version, specifically tailored for accentuating individual letters.

This entire design concept subtly echoes the form of one of the brand's earliest logos, with the Light and Bold options being enhanced by an additional Allegro Display style for highlighting specific letters.

Custom Fonts  Case Studies

Custom Font and Logo Redesign for Żywiec Brand.

Touch­ideas' re­brand­ing of Ży­wiec in­cludes a new cus­tom font and let­ter­ing for the logo, em­body­ing the brand's moun­tain roots and re­fresh­ing beer flavor, while of­fer­ing a co­he­sive and unique brand iden­tity.

Tyskie Custom Font

Tyskie Beer, a promi­nent Polish lager, is renowned for its rich his­tory and dis­tinc­tive taste that has made it a fa­vorite among beer en­thu­si­asts world­wide.