Custom Font and Logo Redesign for żywiec

The unique lettering employed in the logo takes inspiration from contemporary mountain craftsmanship.

The revamped brand image highlights both Żywiec beers' rejuvenating flavor and the brand's roots in mountainous regions. A pivotal feature of this fresh identity is the ŻYWIEC logo, set against a white backdrop in eye-catching red.

As part of this comprehensive rebranding, the Touchideas enlisted us to develop a new custom font and custom lettering specifically for the logo. This bespoke typography not only enhances the existing design elements but also brings a unique and cohesive feel to the brand.

The custom font enhances the brand's original style and captures the lively character of Żywiec beers.

The custom font and lettering, meticulously designed to embody the brand's unique identity, are seamlessly integrated into the new logotype. This integration not only enhances the visual appeal but also reinforces the brand's origins, deeply rooted in tradition and quality.

The choice of typography echoes the invigorating essence of Żywiec beers, symbolizing a blend of classic heritage and contemporary boldness.

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